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If your interior or exterior walls need painting in Taree, Country Colours is the team to call! Servicing homes, businesses and heritage properties across the region, we provide affordable decorating services Taree residents can depend on. With more than 40 years’ industry experience, our family business handles everything from new home painting and renovations of commercial buildings, to French polishing and gold leaf stencil work for restoration jobs. We are dedicated to customer satisfaction and offer our painting and decorating services in Taree and surrounding areas.

Taree is based right in the heart of the picturesque Manning Valley. A must-see for passers-by, Taree is a top spot for fishing, boating, riverside walks and more. When it comes to property maintenance, ensuring your home or office has a fresh coat of paint is of the utmost importance. Not only does it increase the sales value of your home or office, it looks better, covers up imperfections and—most importantly—repels dirt and dust.

By maintaining the interior and exterior walls, your home or commercial property will look great and prevent costly repairs down the line (chips, cracks, peeling, etc). And seeing as Taree is located close to the ocean, it regularly receives sea breezes.

Although sea breezes are calming for the soul, in regard to your property, they come with a downside: salt. Unfortunately, salt air corrodes metal five times faster than freshwater air does, so it’s extremely important to protect your property with a fresh coat of paint.

At Country Colours Painting & Decorating, we recommend your property is repainted at least once every couple of years to ensure it holds up against Taree’s coastal elements.

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